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    What is a DP10 Visa Malaysia | Professional Work Permit Visa?

    From 15th April, 2014; Now you can apply DP10 work permit online DIRECTLY from Immigration website. Once you have registered your company with paid up capital (RM1 million PAID UP capital) for all lawful business activities and have arranged physical office with fixed phoneline and signboard permission (PBT), then NO NEED to hire any “Flying Agent”. Simply register ONLINE on Immigration ESD website to apply DP10 Work Permit ONLINE.
    But if register your company through such “Company Secretary” who does not know the immigration procedures and adds such activities in your company’s Memorandum which require many licenses BEFORE applying permit and if you apply your Work Permit without getting the licenses as per your company’s activities, then your Work Permit application can be REJECTED and your such company may become a “Total Loss” for you!. SO, always consult with professionals who understand Immigration procedures MORE than Company Registration matters!With a recent change in Immigration rules, the expatriates working in Malaysia for 3 years can also apply for a Permanent Residency. 

    How to start the Process?

    Many foreigners, specially from India, Bangladesh, Iran and Pakistan come to Malaysia to start their business. But most of them cannot find the right person or company to assist them to get their DP10 visa or Work Permit done in the time limit. Most of them meet the “Flying Agents” who meet the clients in “Restaurants” and offer the clients very attractive prices for new company registration in Malaysia. Even such “Flying Agents” don’t have any office or any license and they take the money from innocent Foreigners and disappear!. We always advise Foreigners to be very careful about such “Flying Agents” who don’t have any office or any license. Even, most of such “Flying Agents” don’t have legal visa to stay in Malaysia. They come to Malaysia on visit visa and become agents to cheat innocent Foreigners. Mostly such “Flying Agents” cheat those people who are from their own country.

    We always recommend the Foreigners to hire Professional and Licensed company to incorporate your new company in Malaysia. We have tracked the success rate of many companies and have found QADKAM  the BEST option for Foreigners. QADKAM is a leading Malaysian relocation company. This company has a very sound track record of successful clients from all over the world including Australia, Ireland, South Africa, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Iran, India, Bangladesh and Pakistan. You may contact QADKAM by quoting “www.DP10.com” and may get discount on new company registration in Malaysia. This is also the fastest way to get the guidelines to apply any type of Business License in DBKL or MPAJ. QADKAM is the key partner of “Come and Invest in Malaysia” campaign and regular organizer of Business Promotional Seminars. QADKAM is the first Licensed Malaysian relocation and business consultancy company having very strong presence in Iran, India, Bangladesh and Pakistan.

    Save your Time and Money…Always consult with the licensed professionals!

    CLICK HERE to contact QADKAM

    For working and settling in Malaysia we have suggested the best and leading Government of Malaysia licensed company dealing with company registration in Malaysia which also assists the clients for complete business setup in Malaysia. After registering Malaysian company, you may apply your Work Permits (Expatriate Visas). The Company guarantees a 100 percent Approval from SSM in 5-7 working days. Once your company is registered then you may come to Malaysia to find a “Physical Office/Shop” to start your business in Malaysia.

    Before connecting you to QADKAM we would like you to read about the Professional Work Permit and also the benefits of applying for it. This consultancy is simply free of cost.


    Can I register my own Company in Malaysia?

    Yes, now you have an opportunity to register your own company in Malaysia. Legally, without any “Local Malaysian Director”, simply saying a “100% Foreign Owned Company”!. But the minimum paid up capital (CASH) MUST be RM 500,000 on which you may apply your director visa. This detail appears on Section “D” of Form 24 of SSM Forms. But have in mind that It must be clearly written that RM500,000 is “FULLY PAID Up or ISSUED. Cheaters just show RM 500,000 in the “AUTHORIZED Capital” column which DOES NOT mean that it is CASH and fully paid up.

    What is a DP10 Visa OR Professional Work Permit Visa?

    DP10 Visa or Professional Work Permit is an Employment Pass for 2 years (DP10 Visa). Professional Work Permit is issued to Top Level Management ( Company Directors, Managers ) and Highly skilled professionals. It means that an expatriate from another country is a one of the company director/sharholder or Highly Skilled and is Offered a Top level position/Skilled Job in Malaysia. The skilled categories are the same as in Western Countries – IT Professionals, Teachers, Doctors, Nursing and Managers. In simple words it is an ‘Employment Pass’ issued by the Government for Employees of a Company. The initial validity of the pass is 2 years but it can be extended for 10 years.

    A Company (Sdn. Bhd. i.e. Private Limited) needs to have a “CASH” Paid Up capital minimum RM 500,000/- to qualify for recruiting Foreign Staff including Work Permits for company Directors.

    This DP10 Visa / Professional Employment Pass has a High Value in the International Arena. Those individuals seeking to apply for Canadian, Australian, UK and USA Immigration/work permits have a higher probability of success once they qualify for the Malaysian Professional Work Permit. Malaysian Companies are recognized all over the World. This means that their Work Experience is recognized internationally. For example Australia issues a 3 months visa for a Working Individual in Malaysia to explore and find a job there. Many Malaysian Companies have branches in Western and Far East Countries, therefore an employee can request for a transfer to another branch in USA, UK, Canada or Australia. This widens the horizons for an individual who in the long run is planning to settle in the West and working in Malaysia for the short run.

    What is an Expatriate Visa, Director visa or DP10 visa?

    Expatriate Visa, Director visa, EP, Employment Pass, Professional Visa or the DP10 visa, all are the same and commonly used names “Employment Pass, Professional Work Permit or Professional Pass”. An Expatriate has a better potential of securing a better job career as compared to a General Worker. Actualy, DP10 is the name of section of the Immigration Department, Malaysia which deals with the High Category Work Permit applications.

    How much does it cost to Apply for a DP10 Visa?

    All you need, is to register your own “Sdn Bhd” company with minimum RM 500,000 paid up capital. Most of Foreigner clients register a company with only Authorized capital which is not entitled for “Work Permits”. To be eligible for work permits, company’s capital should be Fully Paid up and must be stated onSection “D” of FORM 24 (minimum RM500,000 for 100% foreign owned companies). QADKAM may assist you to register a company with RM 500,000 paid up capital within 5-7 working days. Once your company is registered with RM 500,000 Cash Paid up capital, then you may apply your professional work permit. But again, have in mind, ONLY Immigration Department has the RIGHT to “Accept or Reject” your work permit application.No One can interfere in this decision. You MUST contact directly to immigration department for updated information and requirement.

    Can I apply for Permanent Residency in Malaysia?

    Yes you can apply for Permanent Residency after 3 years upon working in Malaysia on a Professional Work Permit. But, please have in mind, this is the sole RIGHT of Malaysian Government to grant PR to foreigner. No One has any influence to change the Government’s decision. For PR and Work Permit related inquiries, always Consult DIRECTLY with Immigration Department. Keep in mind, Malaysian PR is NOT so so easy to get. So, please don’t be attracted by “Flying Agents”.

    What is i-Kad (Employment Pass ID Card)?

    Upon Confirmation of your DP10 Visa / Professional Pass, the Immigration issues an i-kad (card) used as your Expatriate Identity Card for traveling within Malaysia.

    Which Documents are Required for applying from my Home Country?

    1. Scan and send your Passport copy to QADKAM to get the Official Quotation.
    2. Photocopies or Scanned Credentials
    3. Curriculum Viate/Resume
    4. Passport Sized Pictures
    5. Initial deposit to register a company in Malaysia

    Please ensure that you email only JPEG, PDF or MS Word Files.

    Can my wife / dependents follow me to Malaysia?

    Yes your dependents can follow you to Malaysia and are permitted to seek employment.

    Can my wife / dependents work in Malaysia?

    Yes they are allowed to seek employment in Malaysia.

    How can I find my dream jobs in Malaysia?

    You can register yourself with many job websites online for finding employment possibilities in Malaysia. You can start applying for jobs while the Agency arranges paper-work for immigration. You also should read Classified NEWS paper daily ONLINE for latest vaccancies.

    Can I apply for a Malaysian driving License?

    If you have a license from your Country of Residence, you can convert it to a Full Malaysian License. The JPJ Office in Putra Jaya deals with driving license. The cost is RM 20 plus RM 30 annually for a Full Malaysian Driving License.

    Can I get a house on rent?

    Yes you can rent an entire Row-House, Apartment or a Condominium with swimming pool and gym facilities for RM 500 to RM 1000 per month. Renting a Single Room can cost you around RM 200 to RM 300.

    Can I get a Bank Account in Malaysia?

    After receiving your DP 10 Visa or Professional Work Permit, the Agency (Company) issues an Account Opening Letter for the Candidates to apply for a Bank Account. You need to present your Original Passport showing your valid Work Permit to the Bank Officer and they will open a Savings or Current Account upon request.

    Can I get a Credit Card from any Malaysian Bank?

    Yes, you can apply for Credit Cards from any Bank in Malaysia. The criteria is the same i.e depending upon your monthly income, credit history etc.

    Why should I choose Malaysia for Employment?

    Besides being a tourist attraction in the far East, Malaysia is a growing economy that offers expatriates from various countries to live and work here. General Workers (labourers) to Highly Skilled professionals can find suitable jobs and earn a better living. Expatriates from both Western and Eastern Countries enjoy a good standard of living followed by opportunities to work in the Far East countries like Singapore, even ahead till Netherlands and Australia. Malaysian Government allows their Local Enterprises (Sdn Bhd i.e. Private Limited) to seek Skilled Employees from other countries so as to fill the gaps; increasing productivity and efficiency on the whole.

    Reasons to choose Malaysia:

    Gateway to the whole world.
    Maximum Opportunities for Job-Seeking Individuals in Malaysia and Neighboring Countries, Cost of living is lower than other Far-East Countries Existence of a Diversified Cultural.

    Recommended Websites to visit:

    www.MalaysiaCompanyFormation.com (For Company Registration in Malaysia and DP10 Work Permit)




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      Dò u have any representative at karachi and also kindly send me your consultancy fee for dp 10.

    • sir,
      i would like to know the procedure of DP 10 VISA and cost .
      please also inform me its visa duration and also inform me its renewable or not ?
      let me know more total processing time and address of of a genuine businesses holder address.

      Thanks and regards

      sajal kumar roy

    • usman:

      I would like to know more info about DP10 visa…

      1.Cost of visa
      2.Eligibility criteria
      3.process Duration
      4.Doccuments required

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    • shojib:

      Dear Sir

      I read out dp10 visa and it seems nice to me. I am keen interested to take this opportunity. My query is: Say I got dp10 and started working at Malaysia in any company. After working 3/4month I got any better opportunity in another company then is it possible to change job from 1st company? Or is there any difficulties to change job frequently? Plz advise what is the job changing procedure for a dp10 visa holder>


    • mohammed shakawat:

      Dear Sir/Madam

      pls let’s me know how can I apply for DP10?

    • Janaka:

      Dear Sir, Madam,

      Please send me details what is your charges for Company Registration & DP 10 two Visas for directors & one dependent Visa.

      100% Foreign Owned.

      what is the different about Authorized Capital and Paid up Capital ?

      Nature of business Event organizing and trading.

      If you need some information from my side, I can Provide to you.

      Thank you,

    • Golam Hadi:

      I am Hadi from Bangladesh. I have confirmed my DP10 visa and which is now in online but stumped to my passport. Should I get visit visa from embassy of Malaysia, Dhaka. Because I want to Stump my dp10 visa from Putrajaya Immigration. My question is should I get visit Visa from Bangladesh? and if I get visit visa have any problem in KLIA immigration?

      I am waiting for your valuable suggetions.

      Golam Hadi

    • Kasturi:

      I would like to apply dp10 or working permit n clear overstay for my staff…payment is not a problem if u can settle our staff issue..very urgent..pls email me urgent feed back..

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      Dear Sir/Madam

      I need DP10 visa? but I don’t know how? please tell me details about that visa. How I easy get the visa.

      Jewel Mian

    • ashok kumar:

      we require immigration assistance – we are under dp 10 last 18 years and need to apply for pr status
      thanks for advise

      shan a kumar
      010 9898401

    • dear sir needed dp 10 visa, pls send details

    • dear sir needed do 10 visa, pls send details


      i dont have any company in malaysia please tell me take a dp 10 visa
      i am professional fashion designer i have MBA marketing degree

    • vikas kumar:

      Dear Sir/mam
      I am vikas kumar from india .i am graduate in Computers .i want to apply DP 10 Visa ..Plz help me how to apply this visa.


    • shams:

      Dear Sir

      I am a bangladeshi. I completed M.Sc. in Mathematics and M.B.A. in Finance and Banking. I have 4 years working experience in Accounts & Finance, MIS, IT, ICT.
      How I applied DP10 visa?
      What are the charges and needed fund for the visa?
      Can my wife stay with me?
      Please reply me urgently.

    • Q B Rahman:


    • Q B Rahman:

      I would like to know that if some one get dp10 visa then his or her dependent children can take education in Malaysia in University level as a domestic student (Malaysian citizen).
      In that cases the dp10 holders dependent children (students) University level education tuition fees will be treated as domestic or not?

    • Mohammed Alamgir Chowdhury:

      I have a company in Malaysia & I have Director vissa, But now I want open a new company & change the visa to new company, Is it possible ? plz. inform me about this.

    • jayed:

      I want dp 10 visa. i need your help how can u help me. pls let me know

    • Mohammad Shahidur Rahman Khan:

      Dear Sir

      We are four-members team would like to invest in business in Malaysia and will visit Malaysia from October 02-05, 2013. Would you please give us an appointment.

      Best regards


    • Detail needed as I am intending to get a small business.

    • I am a Pakistani citizen visiting Malaysia on a visit visa issued for a month only. My intention is to get a small business and run the show. A few potential business such as SPA/Fashion Garments botique/ Entertaining 6D theatre/Stationary shop/ Food kisok have been identified under my budget (within RM 300k). Could any one guide what require to register single liability co. How Paid up capital requirement of 500K will meet and how much time to complete and issue visa takes, what documents do I need to submit etc. The fee agency normaly charge.

    • Jamal Hassan:

      Salamat. I read and explored the DP 10 Visa matter. I am a psychologist recently accomplished my Ph.D in Psychology. I am interested to serve in hospitals and colleges. Here in India I have my clinic in Salem and having my practice in the field of Psychology/Psychiatry. I wish to find my employment in Kedah region as my partner got a career there. Would you assist me in this regard? Therima khasih.


      Jamal Hassan

    • mohammad:

      i am qualified CA and M.Com accounting having 10 yrs job experience. I want DP 10 professional work permit Malaysia. can u help me

    • Kamal Ahmed:

      Dear Sir,

      For DP10 Malaysia 2 years, required any levee ?? Please reply as mansion my mail address.

      Thanks with best regards,

      Kamal Ahmed.

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